By Flee Immorality

The other night, I joined millions around the world to see the new Twilight film. One of the most anticipated parts of the book that people wanted to see brought to life was the honeymoon scene—more to the point, the sex scene. As people sat there watching everything unfold, I did what I always do; the moment I saw the scene begin, I looked away. There was no nudity or graphic nature to it at all.

Right now I bet you’re wondering why I even bothered to look away? Let me explain. If sexual sin is a burden you have laid at the foot of the cross, then why would you let Satan bring you right back to it by enticing the eyes? Sure I could have watched and maybe I wouldn’t have been stumbled by it…that night. But what about later? Alone in my room in front of a computer screen or my phone, when that scene starts running on repeat through my head? As a girl who struggled with masturbation and pornography for most of my life, I am fully aware of how the slightest image can get your heart racing and mind wandering.  So brothers and sisters, why on earth would I want to let my eyes watch something that would only leave me wanting more? As an avid coffee drinker its like pouring me a cup of creamer and leaving me waiting for the coffee. Its just teasing me.

Something I have learned is its harder to fight the enemy when you let him catch you with your guard down. But if we were prepared at all times to go to war? What advantage would that give him? None. That is how I look at sex scenes in movies, TV shows, books etc. When we just go along with the program and allow ourselves to passively look on, Satan uses those images to entice our desires, leaving us wanting more; leading us to run back and chain ourselves right back to that sin. Matthew 18:9 says if your eye causes you to sin,  tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hell of fire.

Family, if there is a trigger to your sexual sin—and let’s be real, there always is—then FLEE from that trigger, cut it out and throw it away. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! For me, it’s seeing suggestive scenes. So my way of fleeing is by looking away. For others, it could be setting a limit to how late you’re on your computer,  setting up blockers on both phones and computers, not hanging with your boyfriend/girlfriend in a car or at home alone, the list of triggers can go on and on. But the pattern of sin does not have to. Lay that sin at the foot of the cross, FLEE, and then fight to not return to it. Whatever you have to do, DO IT!

Source: Flee Sexual Immorality