By Coylette James

The Importance of a Father’s Affirmation

With this being the month set aside in our country to honor fathers, very important segments of our population are overlooked year after year. Those who have grown up in a fatherless home and those who have stepped into the role of father from a spiritual vantage point aren’t address in the midst of the celebration.

For those of us who grew up without the presence of a loving caring father to guide us and affirm us Father’s day is often just a bitter reminder of the things we missed during our childhood. Whether in the life of a son or daughter, a father has a specific function in the development of their child.

For a daughter, it is the education of how a man should treat a woman; the building of self confidence in knowing she is beautiful inside and out and the feeling of safety. For the son, a father teaches him how to be a man; how to treat his wife; how to be a father; the importance of providing for his family and how to find strength in weakness. For both the son and daughter the father is the voice of affirmation for their lives.

One of the greatest injustices done to a child is allowing that child to grow up thinking they are of no value. If they are not affirmed then they have a false sense of purpose and self worth. Please understand, I acknowledge a mother’s love and nurturing is also a vital part of one’s growth. I hold all the single mothers in high esteem and also note that they have raised fine pillars of society. This does not however negate the need for fatherly affirmation in one’s life.

Very often many go through life not realizing the need for their father’s affirmation until one day in the midst of a self-evaluation they discover a void in their lives. More often than not this occurs once they come into the knowledge of God in their life. When we come to truly know God as Father we understand our own capabilities. We were created in His image and likeness. As His children we carry His characteristics and He affirms through His word.

God’s love for us is so intense that He did not stop with affirmation through His Word but also gave us Pastors and leaders after His own heart to encourage us and affirm us. This article is dedicated to all the Spiritual Fathers who had a choice and choose to give of themselves that we may recognize our worth.

A Spiritual Father is not just the Pastor of your local Church. There are a lot of pastors but not many Spiritual Fathers. A true father in the spirit will walk alongside of you and hold you accountable. He will lead you be example and is transparent before you. He is a man who sacrifices for the sake of your growth in God. Your God given Father will chastise you and love on you at the same time. Thank God for men of integrity who says you can accomplish your God given goals and you will reach the destiny which has been predestine for you.

To all of you who have never been told how valuable you truly are, Daddy God says you belong to Him and you are invaluable. To all the Spiritual Fathers out there, thank you for all you do and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!