By Paula Edwards

Paula has taken her tragic past of rape, rejection, incest, molestation, and homelessness, and has now caused a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Paula was raped by her first cousin during a Christmas visit to her aunt’s house to help decorate the family’s tree.

This was the first in a series of events that has caused her to now “Cry Aloud and Spare Not”! In third grade, Paula was kidnapped and raped by a total stranger who lured her with Girl Scout cookies. It was during this same period that Paula was molested by her sister’s father. Paula had lost her childhood. Paula’s life had begun a downward spiral before she even had a true chance at life.

With all of the negative environments that she had to experience, she thought she would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. This constant darkness would cause her to live a lifestyle full of sin. From incest to being the black sheep of the family, Paula’s life had become overwhelmed by destruction. fleeing from local authorities in New York Paula moved to Atlanta, Georgia to live with her father, stepmother and her other two siblings. She concluded that life was not worth living.

Within a year of moving to Atlanta, Georgia she was further traumatized when she was kicked out of her father’s house. Forced to begin living a life on the street, Paula believed her life was truly going to have a violent end. The rejection, she received from her mother and father, caused her to turn to the streets. Paula went through years of unimaginable evil. Paula began engaging in prostitution in exchange for shelter. She began stripping and prostituting in one of Atlanta’s top strip clubs, “The Gold Club”. Now her life would progress quickly towards the route of death.

This event turned her life upside down; she was the harlot. . And now Paula made the ultimate decision, confused and mentally distraught, Paula attempted suicide by overdosing. This move landed her in Georgia Regional Institution. In 1995, God found Paula in a field struggling to survive, laying in her own blood and left for dead. He took her and wiped the blood and the dirt off, and He spoke life into her. In 1996, Paula experienced devastation in another form; she was diagnosed with cervical cancer of the uterus after the birth of her second child.

But life was to deal Paula yet another blow; there was another devastation presented, she began to experience a spirit of infirmity. Her physical body broke out in sores, even as her spiritual soul was being restored. She went to her general practitioner for a routine visit to find out why she was experiencing these symptoms and was referred to an Infectious Disease Clinic.

This is where she discovered that syphilis had taken control of her body due to the lack of treatment, and the progression of the disease would cause her senses to be lost. Further testing also revealed evidence of the Aids virus in her system. God spoke audibly and commanded life to Paula. She began the process of healing through trusting The Word of God. Paula went to a service where they were instructed to pass the peace by receiving five hugs. During the fifth hug, she felt a Spiritual operation beginning to take place, encountering a cold sensation while lying down in a state of numbness: “The Healing Manifest” itself.

**She is now known as Pastor Paula and has an extremely powerful book called “A Resurrected Hoe, From Hoe to Hero.” You can visit her website and we urge you to be involved in her movement “The Truth Behind Incest Campaign.”**