By David Watts

I see you church folk
straddling the fence
swinging side to side with your rope.

For six days of your life
its no holds bar
but on Sunday you’re the #1 Christian
by far.

No, I’m not criticizing,
judging you or even protesting
just getting some stuff off my chest
that’s been resting.

Now you know the church is in your heart
not that building you attend
well maybe not I guess that’s why
purposely you continue to live in sin.

Sleeping around,
getting drunk,
smoking dope
living life foolishly as if you have no hope
but I guess your one day of holiness
keeps your boat afloat.

But how I pose the question:
is this really the life of a Christian?
All this gossiping,
conniving,  and contradiction

And this describes you
at church
not to mention what takes place
at home and at work.

Now please don’t use the excuse
“well nobody’s perfect”
‘cause you know it’s wrong before you do it,
I’m certain.

Of course
I’m not speaking to all
for some are truly righteous and divine
this is for the ones that constantly have others on their mind
demanding they come to church, when that’s only the blind leading the blind.

So before you become a prophet
be a genuine saint
and understand what something may seem
most of the time it really ain’t.

And take heed to this poem,
maybe your life will transfer
and please get caught up in this message
and not me the messenger.