By Lover of Words

While I was at work, my co-worker Mrs. Maybee went out for her normal smoke break. When she came in, I noticed she was upset so, I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had lost one of her diamond stud earrings and that it was really expensive. She was sick! She looked all over and could not find the earring. I then suggested that she probably left it at home and for her to go home and check. Well, she went home and came back and did not find her earring…so I asked her, “Did you bring your flashlight back?” and she said,”yes.” I asked this because it was now dark and raining outside. I told her that I would look for the earring after I finished my work. When I finished my work, I grabbed the flashlight and started looking from the front of the Command Center to the elevator…no earring.

Next, God brought to my remembrance the story about the lady who had lost a silver coin and called her friends to help her look. I then prayed to God and asked him to give me the same faith and determination as that woman. After that, I went out in front of the building where Mrs. Maybee took her smoke breaks, and as I was looking I felt something touch me on my shoulder. I immediately started looking around and slapping my shoulder because I thought it was an insect or animal.

To my surprise, it was a leaf! This happened right at the point I was about to give up the search due to the rain and darkness. Well, I walked forward to the parking lot and there was the diamond stud. The Leaf was the Holy Spirit. My co-worker knew God had blessed her because it is almost impossible to find a diamond stud at midnight, while raining, in a black parking lot. We both praised God for his faithfulness. Now for the confirmation, I was riding down I-20 west in Atlanta talking to my friend Donnie. Donnie and I grew up together and we were riding to see my grandmother.

I was taking her the very leaf that had touched me along with a financial blessing. I was telling my friend Donnie the story about my co-worker, the earring, and the leaf. As I was talking, a leaf flew through my sunroof and fell on the console between my friend and I. Can you believe that! How likely is it for a leaf to fly through a sunroof while you are driving 70 mph? God was confirming everything that happened. Who said God doesn’t talk to us? Whoever said that…doesn’t know his voice. I encourage everyone reading this story to listen for his voice because God Does Speak to Us!