Homosexuality And Today's Civil Rights

I’ve been far too silent about this for far too long, but certain aspects of tonight’s VMA award show have made me pray about writing this, and here is the result. God hates racism. God also hates homosexuality. He hates both these and all other sins equally. However, we have a political homosexual agenda in this country that is hijacking the Civil Rights movement, trying to bring together the rights of people who have fought, bled and died for something as simple as the right to vote or to sit down at a lunch counter with the rights of people to lust after people of their same gender. These things are by definition separate issues, and any attempt to bring them together or to in any way say that we can’t have equal rights for people of all races without giving special privileges to people who want to redefine marriage and family is a lie perpitrated by none other than satan. I’m all for people having the choice to do whatever they want to do in private, but there should be nothing in the world that says I have to like it, or even recognize, in my business, my church or even in the government, the desires of people who want to have sex with others of the same gender, or to allow them to redefine God’s definition of Marriage and family, and to force me or anyone else to accept their definition.

Racial equality has nothing in the world to do with homosexuality. I know of no one who chose the color of their skin. Yet especially in this country, people have a history of being discriminated against, denied jobs, the right to vote, and even equal justice under the law and have even been enslaved and killed for no reason other than the color of their skin. And this racism and unequal justice still exists in this country today, and it is making a big comeback in the public spotlight over the last few years, where it had previously been hiding just under the surface and never completely went away. On the other hand, I know of no one who has chosen to live a homosexual lifestyle who has been denied the right to vote. I know of no one living a homosexual lifestyle who has been denied the right to own land or a home, or even the right to rent an apartment or house. I know of no homosexual person who has been denied a job unless they wore their sexual orientation on their sleeves after they began working, and those who have lost jobs in this way are rather few. They certainly weren’t denied a job simply because of a name or checkmark on an application. I know of no place in this country, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, with “gay only” and “straight only” bathrooms, water fountains, lunch counters, movie theaters, schools, bus seating or anything else. In fact, homosexuality has been fashionable for a long time, and permeates radio, TV, pop culture and society in general, and I will personally be hated by many, and may even lose friends, just because I have written this piece expressing God’s view that it is a sin, and that He hates it as much as racism, injustice, murder, and yes, all manner of other sins, sexual or not.

Having said all this, I do believe in a God who forgives. I believe in a God who made us in His image, and wants nothing more than for us to turn away from all our sins and turn to Him. I believe in a God who will help us up when we fall, and who will help us when we want to become more like Him. And yes, I believe in a God who is faithful and just to deliver us from all manner of sins, including racism and homosexuality, we must only ask with sincerity of heart. He has delivered me from my own sins and made me more like Him, and He will do it for anyone else also. Believe in the One true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Believe in His Word: the Bible. Believe in real Love, not lust. Believe in salvation, and God will save you. Believe in deliverance, and God will deliver you.

By: Kyle Brouhard