By Kezia the poet

so with all that’s going on in the world
this girl
sought a beacon of light
reached for insight
to be granted a word
to share with the people
while our debt is gettin deeper
cost of life’s gettin steeper
well when all else fails
hope is a keeper
a simple 4 letter word
that calms worries unheard
both a noun and a verb
peace when things get absurd
deemed a silly concept
by those extra serious cats
but how mysterious is that
hope floats
like a well built boat
withstanding the waves and tides of trials
can’t see for miles
but something inside you pushes you into another day
maybe sunshine will come another way
eyes to the sky cause we’re hopeful
knowing one day we’ll be granted what we hoped for
no more LESS talk let’s speak MORE
share hope with your brother
speak peace with each other

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