By Cornell Ngare

Look at the bird perched up on a tree, wings carefully folded back, the small head solemnly bowed and eyes tightly shut. You can almost swear its praying.

Listen to the sound of a waterfall. Feel the water as it falls, then taps, then pops against the rocky depths. Can you hear the wet chaos transform into frothy serenity?

Take the gritty grains of sand and stroke each grain as it rolls across your open palm, tracing the engraved paths on your palm and escaping back home through the gaps between your fingers. Close your eyes and savor the blissful aroma of wet soil close to your face. Marvel as the smell summons the peaceful nature sounds, sights and scents into your mind.

Examine a gentle stream of crystal clear water as it weaves its way through rocks and faults. Listen to the moist melody of water trickling through the cracks… almost sounding like a beautiful fairy tale, a soothing lullaby, uplifting music…


The Lord has granted me with this gift that is so special that the only word that can describe it, had to have all the letters of the alphabet! A to Z! It is a marvelous gift, a most magnificent talent. That I can weave a beautiful fabric, paint a heavenly tapestry and melt the coldest heart with just 26 letters? I cannot be too blind not to give thanks. And for my wonderful audience, friends and family who encourage me to write, to speak through silence and shine a light using black ink, THANK YOU!

For pausing at every comma,
Lagging at every full stop,
And nodding to every question mark,
For every scowl and blush when I slipped into mush…,
For the breaths you missed in the suspense and all the emotions stirred by the exclamation marks,
Thank you for turning to your bibles at every clause, you keep me on my toes.

Thank you guys for helping me establish my niche in God’s ministry. For letting me paint a picture of His wondrous creation with no paint, no paint-brush and no canvas, just words. It had never occurred to me that in the midst of all these words, I could find THE LIVING WORD.