Love and Giving

The world would be a better place if we all focused on giving. By taking our eyes of ourselves while focusing in a need that must be met and that we are equipped to fulfill, we start fully living. There is nothing more rewarding than that and it is also essential if we want to live a life filled with happiness, purpose and love.

This week I had a conversation with a lady who is moving to the Southwest. She mentioned something very interesting regarding her future community. They have a community garden space, which they are able to utilize in exchange for their volunteer work in homeless shelters, soup kitchens and other areas of need. I thought this idea was incredible, having the privilege of planting your own organic garden and at the same time being able to help someone by encouraging them so they can someday be an encouragement to others… To me that is what giving is all about.  I wonder how we could all impact our world if we used our talents and provisions wisely.

I had the desire to make a change using my talents. I love all forms of self-expression, specially designing and writing. I found these talents to be very useful in the art of giving. I realize how special an old-fashioned paper greeting card can make you feel. Sharing a gift or a card with someone has many purposes, not only to celebrate a special occasion… a thank you card can make a person feel appreciated, an encouragement card can motivate a person to keep going. Words and actions of love and gratitude are fuels for human beings, those who receive, will give.

We all go through situations in life that are difficult, society has thought us to just look out for ourselves…Today I challenge you to try something different. Just for a little while take your eyes of your situation and meet the need of someone else. Maybe you don’t have a vacant land, the time to do volunteer work or are not able to give someone a card… however, you might be able to cook an extra plate of food and share it with a lonely neighbor. I believe that by making a simple kind gesture you can make a difference in someone life and by doing so you will refuel the energy you need to keep going. The cycle of giving composed by the key element: Love; literally has the power to change the world. This has been my philosophy concerning life.

Love is a decision. Love is action. Love never fails.

By: Maria Lord