By Shun Strickland

Most people don’t realize it, but Edwin Strickland and I are VERY different. We see life from very different viewpoints. In fact one of the ways I usually know if I will like a food is if he doesn’t. He likes movies. I like to read. He prefers small gathering of friends, I love large parties. He watches TV. I don’t turn the TV on unless he’s home. I like spoken word and musicals; he likes comedies. There are so many things we could fight about and if you ever catch us in a debate, you’ll get to see how very differently we view life.

Our strength is that we have learned that our differences cover our weakness. We are two sides to the same coin and when we listen to each other and value the other’s opinion, we end up with nothing missing/nothing broken.

In spite of our differences we have the most important things in common: We are committed to honoring God, loving & supporting each other and raising our children to live their God given dreams. So we keep first things first & refuse to allow the important stuff to divide us.

I don’t ask him to go to spoken word and he doesn’t ask me not to go. Marriage isn’t about being the same; it’s about learning to celebrate the differences.

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