Christian Ministry Program

A program designed to provide practical resources for those in need and to help whosoever reach their potential for Christ; to promote spiritual growth in community, thereby leading Christians to maturity and lost people to Christ; and to equip ministers so they can equip their listeners to do the work of the ministry. Contact Us, leave details of your need, and we will get back with you.


Financial Assistance Program

A program designed to help those who are financially challenged. We understand that there are many people who are unemployed, under-employed, struggling in college, and elderly living on a fixed income. This is a problem in today’s society, not just for the uneducated, but for all people alike. Our mission is to provide relief and give hope in this area. Contact Us and leave details of the situation.


Education Empowerment Program

One of the seven barriers that can keep a person oppressed is education. We understand that knowledge is power. There are some children and adults, who through unfortunate situations, are not able to get the education resources that they need. Our hope is to provide assistance in this area. We help children whose parents are unemployed, under-employed, or homeless. Contact Us with details of your need and we will respond.