By Siobhan Collier

Strength comes from many directions, with or without affection.
Wake up and pay attention, we are measured by our own reflection.
Pack your suitcase…and take only what you need.
Be thankful for what you have, not what is lost…nor merely dreamed.

Love cries when hope dies.
Don’t be surprised, you too are wise.
Look in the mirror…deep into your own eyes.
A zap of power you will surely find.

Yet never completely charged until…your heart heals.
How many life lessons must one endure and feel?
Life is all about your attitude, your character, your passion, your SPIRIT.
Pride is only here to swallow, drink enough of it…be shallow.

It’s never too late, to wipe a clean slate.
To some life is a Reality Show untaped, be careful of the scripts you create.
Be true to yourself, and know no one else.
Self discipline is a challenge…abstaining is something else…

If your bar is raised higher than your actions, you’ll never ever gain satisfaction.
You can never change who you are, but can ALWAYS change where you are.
Never accept ordinary, expect extra-ordinary.
We all live for so many seasons, don’t spend a lifetime searching for reasons!

Strength comes from many directions, with or without affection…