By Lover of Words

Thank you Father! Thank you for making an ignorant, perverted, detestable person like me a Believer. Thank you for the gift of my beautiful wife. Show me how to love her better. Thank you for the gift of my wonderful son. Teach me how to be a good father. Thank you for your Amazing Grace; without it, I would not be counted among the righteous. Thank you for my shortcomings because they help me to remember that it is YOU who have justified me.

Thank you for the wise counsel that you have place around me in family and friends. Thank you for those few days where I feel alive. Thank you for the FAITH that you have given me that keeps me in this race called life. I intend to receive the prize. Thank you for Wisdom that constantly loves me, corrects me, and speaks to me often. Thank you for allowing me to know and say, “Jesus is LORD.” My desire is to please you and do the work that you have destined me to do. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.