By Nettie Febus


I’m single and lonely as of now.
My hearts full of the pain you caused.
How can I truly get over the one I loved?
Stabbed in the dark,
All alone,
Nowhere to run.
Were do I go from here?
My heart is so alone.
All because you found someone else.
Does she have what it takes,
To know you well?
This I will never know.
Will I ever find my way once again?
I pray I do in due time.
A sad song plays on the radio,
My eyes feel up with tears,
The sad song on the radio,
Brings you to my mind.
All drunk and stoned is what I feel,
All because I have nowhere to go.
I would run to your arms,
But there already full.
Will I ever find my way back to you?
Feeling pain and blue,
Is what I find in you.
Drink a little more,
Feel less alone.
Turn the channel on the radio and feel a little less blue.
My pain for you is cramping my style.
Get stoned a little more,
I feel less for you.
Will my life turn out all alone and blue?
Can I kick this habit of you?
Put down the bottle,
Pray to I die next to you.
I can’t do this anymore
God help me.
I can’t help myself anymore.
Why did I think I could?
Did I think I could find it in a bottle?
My pain will heal in time,
This I know.
Lord, I give you my all.
Help me hear your words in my broken world.
Bring me back up,
Help me put down the bottle,
For Lord I love you.
Help me wake with a joy on my face,
Help me not have the bottle anymore.
This I pray in Jesus name and Holy Spirit.