By Majorie Banks

At what point do I start to give a testimony that quite frankly is unbelievable, however unbelievable it might be, it happened. I have not shared this experience with many people. I shared it with my sister only after a few days had passed. Only one person at my church knows about it. It was too private, too precious to let go to anyone. I also did not want old mindsets and unbelief to cast a shadow over my experience. I had to get a hold on what had happened, before I could begin to share it. In the Kingdom you only get to keep that, which you give away so I give this to you.

I sometimes work late at night and when I get home, sleep is far from me. Although tired, I have to unwind from the events of the day. On this late October evening of 2006 I came home from work and went through my usual ritual. I watched some Christian television, read some spiritual material and finally went up to bed where I listened to a christian radio program. I finally turned everything off because I had to work the next day. I was not sleepy. Since I was not sleepy, I laid on my back and stared into the darkness of the room. I sleep on my side not my back. It is important to realize I was not asleep. This event was not a dream nor a vision. This was something tangible, this was something I could feel. God waited for me to turn everything off and get quite before Him.

I had been seeking a gift of the spirit in nightly prayer before God. The gift of tongues was given to me about a month before the visitation. I believe the gift somehow ties into the events that were to transpire. I lie in the darkness waiting for sleep to come, I’m still on my back. I saw nothing and I heard nothing. As I replayed some of the spiritual material back through my mind it happened. God had me on my back so that I could feel the full affect of what I was about to receive. All of a sudden as if whatever it was hovered right above me directly in front of my face, almost nose to nose. A cold breathe was breathed directly into my face. It startled me for a moment and then it puzzled me. I spoke out aloud “what was that.”The breathe was so cold that the pores on my face reacted. I immediately begin to rationalize it away. Before I could get too deep in unbelief I guess God ordered another breath so that there would be no doubt about what had just happened.

And then it happened again. Another cold breath to the face. Close and personal. I knew that I was having some kind of spiritual encounter so I lifted up my hands in praise and begin to thank God audibly for the blessing I had just received. After pondering what had just happened to me I finally turned over on my side and went right to sleep.The next morning I called a co-worker and told her all that had transpired the night before. I felt comfortable telling her because God and His Kingdom were our main topics of conversation when we were at lunch break. I hope this testimony about the visitation will sow a seed to help strengthen someones faith. God is real. Seek Him and He will reveal Himself to you. Seek Him while He may still be found, the bible warns us. God bless.

John 20:22 He Breathed…