By Chad Tyler McQueen

On December 12, 2010, a witnessing experience changed my life.  By sharing Jesus’ love with a homeless man, God not only touched his heart but also gave me an incredible sense of joy and fulfillment.  Through that witnessing experience, God showed me that I had been missing out on an amazing part of my Christian walk!

I was never very good at witnessing and today’s culture certainly doesn’t make it any easier!  But when that man asked me for money, it was very easy for me to give him some cash and also a leather devotional that I had purchased earlier that day for a friend of mine.  I told him “Jesus loves you and I love you” – it was just that easy!  It was really cool giving him the devotional because I knew it could help him in a way that could change his life forever.  The concept of giving the Witness Challenge Coins and the Witness Bands came from this simple witnessing example.  Not only are the coins and bands an encouragement to witness to others, but when you give them to someone it can reproduce the same joy and excitement of sharing Jesus’ love that I experienced.

I realize that not everyone enjoys giving, but because it is one of my spiritual gifts, I receive great joy from it.  When you use your spiritual gifts to do God’s work and share the Gospel you will receive amazing joy and excitement from heaven above.  I encourage you to discover the spiritual gift the Holy Spirit has given you and use it to bring glory to God.

There is nothing more important in life than sharing Jesus with others.  We would not know Him today if someone had not taken the time to share His love for us.  Through accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, our lives are changed for eternity.  Nothing else in life is more important – change someone’s life for eternity by witnessing to them today.  It can be as simple as saying, “Jesus loves you and I love you.”

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