By Lover of Words

Who is your Father?

I’m a farmer by blood, my father was one.
He showed me the way that it should be done.
He taught me to prosper by sowing some seeds.
I noticed my fruit as my giving increased.
He renewed my mind by hearing his word.
He showed me his love by Jesus’ birth.
He took me from last and placed me first.

My father said, “I AM

a consuming fire,

He gave me my wife, my hearts desire.
He makes his ministers a flame of fire.
A man who saves souls is very wise.
Beware of the devil the father of lies.
The Armor of God will save your life.

from up above,

He forgave my sins and covered them up.
He took all my talents and doubled them up.
He fed me his Bread and filled my cup.
He spoke to my enemies and burned them up.
He gave me his Spirit and sealed it shut.

that is HOLY!”

My Father is God Almighty.