Lord, we live in a selfish world; a world that loves to take and seldom gives. We live in a world that embraces people who are go-geters; but You, O Lord have made us to be go-givers. Make us yearn to get less as we learn to give more. May your go-giving heart replace our go-getting heart. Teach us Lord, to find true contentment in life not by how much we get, but by how much we give.

Teach us to match the intent of our giving with the content of our giving. Lord, we are saved because you gave. But we refuse to give, in the name of saving. What a sad paradox. Remind us daily, that MISER is just one letter short of MISERY. Teach us to give little, give more and eventually give all. But do not let us give up giving.

If we must give up, then let us give up our fears, give up our pride and give up our selfishness. Remind us Lord that we don’t give to be blessed; we give to bless; for blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. Remind us Father; that you would rather give up your own son than give up on us.

Many want to give God credit but few ever give Him cash. Generous giving is not about how much we give, it’s about how much we LOVE giving. GENErous giving is GENEtical giving; because we give away a part of ourselves.. The more we give, the more we’re able to give. God does not give us because we want it; He gives us because He wants to! May the world feel our love because we gave, just as we have been loved by a God who gave.

Father, I want to give you my “ALL” today, as little as it is!

Cornell Ngare – The Revolutionist