By Lover of Words

I had a dream. In the dream I saw a vision of a cow. The  cow was huge and both of his back legs were bound with a sand colored rope. The cow was walking but, do to its back legs being bound, it wasn’t walking very efficiently. Instantly, I had compassion on the animal. I then took the rope off of its legs.

When the animal tried to walk its back legs spread wider than the front legs. It seemed to be in tremendous pain and fell down. The cow then looked back at me, put its legs together, and kicked them back laying on the ground for me to tie them back up. As I went to tie its legs I noticed a huge wound, with puss coming out, on the right leg.

I then went to get a napkin so that the puss would not get on my hand. It was a lot of puss. The animal was in so much pain that I didn’t care if the puss got on my hands. I just wanted to get the cow’s back legs tied back up. The cow then got up and started walking again, with his back legs bound, as he had been when I first saw him.

I  woke up weeping over  the cow. The cow could not walk without its legs tied because the wound was so bad. I believe if the cow had given the wound a chance to heal it would have been able to walk. I am asking God for the interpretation of this dream. I have wondered if the dream is about me or someone else. Lately, I have believed it to be about me. Let me know if God gives you a revelation.